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We offer tailor-made solutions to various aspects of your event. We deliver the highest standards of event services, our level set at the maximum quality, designed to satisfy the demands of the world's absolute top events. We can offer comprehensive or specific services in the following areas, according to your needs:

Event Management

  • All aspects of planning, managing, and delivering your event
  • Managing or consulting on Venue selection, construction, and preparation

Venue & Game Operations

  • Venue Management
  • Planning and implementing Zoning, Flows, Timelines
  • Overlay planning and delivery coordination
  • Multisport Venue Conversions
  • Managing of all aspects of Game Operations

Logistics & Transportation

  • Planning and delivery of transportation for all client groups
  • Planning of Logistics operations.

VIP/Sponsor Services

  • VIP Hospitality, Catering, Protocol Services
  • Off-Site and On-Site Sponsor support for delivery, activation, and maximization of sponsorship value.

Marketing / Communications & PR

  • Maximizing value of commercial properties of your event
  • Creation and implementation of brand and identity
  • Promotion and communication of your event.

Media & Broadcaster Services

  • Providing Pre-Event and On-site Support
  • Planning, implementation, and management of media facilities and broadcast infrastructure including media centre, mixed and flash zones, camera platforms, studios, TV compounds, etc.

Volunteer Scheduling and Management

  • Planning of your volunteer needs and creation of positions and job descriptions
  • Volunteer recruitment and training
  • On-site scheduling, management, and supervision

Knowledge Management

  • Planning & Implementation of Observer programs
  • Debriefing and Transfer of Knowledge
  • Researching, Writing, and Editing of Manuals, Guidelines, Rules and Regulations

Bid Consulting

  • Consider bidding for a sporting event? We can consult you on small or large-scale city or venue bids for a wide range of sporting events.
  • Maximize your chance for bidding success by perfecting the technical, social, sporting, environmental, and all other aspects of your bid.

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